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Party Wall Advice

  • Carrying out works to a wall shared (Party Wall) between two properties such as injecting a damp proof course, cutting in a flashing, or inserting a beam end, are likely to require a notice to be served.
  • Your rear extension may have foundations close to and below the level of the neighbouring house foundations and will require a notice to be served.
  • If you are building astride or up to the boundary you will be required to serve a notice. 

We can deal with all the above to ensure correct procedures are adhered to and ensure that your project proceeds unhindered.

Once the notices are served correctly and if your neighbour dissents from the works you will be obliged to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor to deal with the matter for you. Your neighbour may appoint a surveyor or agree to use your surveyor jointly.

Sometimes modifications in the design can be made to make the process easier or even avoided.

If you need advice please give Ashley a call to discuss how we can assist you.